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Cello or bass viol stand with bow holder

Unfortunately we had to stop production!

stand ART

Shipping & information

I will gladly ship bows for a trial period of up to two weeks.

Customer satisfaction is my highest priority when it comes to ordering. A down payment of about 1/3 of the purchase price enables speedy processing of the order. Payment of the balance is due when the customer is satisfied. If the purchased goods should unexpectedly not meet with the customer’s full satisfaction, the down payment can be reimbursed bar a handling fee of € 100. Ordering and payments are subject to personal agreement.

Customer wishes

In the photo gallery you will find selected bows from different epochs. These are models I have made for viewing purposes and which I can make again for you as required. Here, of course, it is possible to modify designs to meet your requirements as well as make replicas of existing bows or other historical models.


We normally send bows by DHL or post in appropriate packaging that protects the contents against damage. However, it might happen that the contents are damaged on delivery. In this case, I would kindly ask to be informed immediately of the damage and for the damage to be reported to the shipper concerned.


The party sending the return shall be responsible for correct packing and insurance and for the state of the goods, i.e. the original packaging or equivalent must be used. The insured value must be at least the same as the purchase price of the goods. Before a return is made, I would kindly request agreement by telephone to avoid any problems in delivery of the package.

Violin making

At regular intervals, we build both baroque and modern instruments based on historical originals. Each instrument is crafted to the customer's bespoken requirements and in close cooperation with the customer.

Historical bow models

Our new web page showing the historical bows made by Hagen Schiffler can be found here:


Competence & service on site


Violin maker Schiffler in the “Alter Bauhof”

Many a visitor wonders at the sky of violins in our workshop and with every word of explanation we realise ourselves how grateful we are for the haven we have here.

Whereas elsewhere the bustle of business and the growing monotony of machine-driven days have long been established, here every instrument and each customer expects and receives due attention and care.

Of course, we are busy too and we also have a computer for contemporary communication, but it is the handicraft and the associated proximity to the object being created that remains in the forefront.

Hagen Schiffler-Lustig – master violin maker

Hagen Schiffler

Since 1997, after 20 years of active “modern” violin playing, I have focused my attention on baroque violin playing, initially under the instruction and guidance of Eva Maria Röll in Munich and later Silvia Schweinberger in Salzburg. The change to playing without chin rest and shoulder pad put the experience gained as ambitious orchestra and quartet musician to a hard test, but which I do not regret to this day. Thanks to turning to early music and old methods of playing I was able to greatly extend my musical horizon, both in the literature and in the perception of music and diversified forms of expression.

Even Viktoria Mullowa, a renowned first-class violinist of the Russian School, in an interview for “the Strad” magazine in 2009, told of her totally different approach to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and of the homogeneity of instrument, baroque bow and player. I can only agree with her.

Parallel to my continued training in playing the baroque violin (at a high amateur level on various courses in Trossingen, Neuburg, Zell an der Pram, Magguzano), I concentrated my violin making more, though not exclusively, on historical instruments and bows.

I completed my violin making studies in 1996 by graduating with a diploma in Violin Instrument Making and Repair from the Violin Making School at the then Newark and Sherwood College, Newark-on-Trent in the English Midlands. My apprenticeship with Hartmut Münzberg in Lower Bavaria (1996–98) permitted me to prepare for the German apprenticeship certification exam in Mittenwald (1997) and kept me very busy with violas da gamba and baroque violins as well as reconverting and restoring. I passed my master craftsman examination in Innsbruck, Austria, in 2001.

Hagen Schiffler

In 1998, I was drawn to the “Blue Danube” and moved to Vienna where I learnt essential routines in handling "modern" instruments at a high level with Othmar Lang, the violin maker of the Vienna Philharmonic. I am still thankful today for many a fond memory of working directly with the orchestra and their instruments. Where else could a violin maker have such immediate access to important instruments, world-famous concert halls and opera houses?

My interest in historical instruments and bows gave me no peace and so in 1998, under the guidance of Hans Salger in Bremen, I came to baroque bow making, which I then continued to discover and refine for myself.

Hagen Schiffler

In 2002 I ventured to go independent. As a compromise between various origins in Germany and Austria, we chose to settle in the small border town of Laufen an der Salzach. We feel very much at home there; the proximity and easy access to Salzburg as well as the almost unsurpassable recreational advantages of the region make life bearable.

Over the past ten years, playing baroque music has turned my active music making into something much more than a mere pastime. Engagements in ensembles like the Collegium Musicum Stuttgart, Allegria Musicale Biel, Salzburg Barock, Muffat Consort Niederalteich and Polyhymnia Wien as well as the work with my own Laufen Baroque Ensemble confront me time and again with challenges and above all lead to direct communication with the instruments and bows I have created.

In this way I learn how and why a bow and instrument perform optimally and sound best, and how I can best approach the ideal concept. 


Alter Bauhof in LaufenHagen Schiffler
Violin maker

Landratsstraße 5
83410 Laufen an der Salzach
Phone: +49 8682 955 199
Mobile: +43 699 12 60 55 44
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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SonjaSonja Mittermaier

Unsere Gesellin Sonja Mittermaier ist seit September 2010 zuständig für die Bereiche Reparaturen und Service. Sie bringt dabei auch ihr Fachwissen im Zitherbau und in der Holzschnitzerei mit ein.


RosemarieRosmarie Mangelberger

Seit Anfang 2009 verwaltet Rosmarie Mangelberger unsere Mietinstrumente und den Verkaufsraum, auch für die Buchhaltung und die Rechnungsstellung ist sie zuständig. Ihre Qualifikation als Programmiererin ist ebenso bei der Erstellung der Webinhalte sowie der Verwaltung der Kundendatei sehr gefragt.
An der Organisation unseres Barockmusikkurses und des Sonnwendfestes mit der Offenen Bühne im Alten Bauhof hat sie großen Anteil.

Sie erreichen Frau Mangelberger bzw. unser Büro direkt unter
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jesper Ulfenstedt

Jesper Ulfenstedt, double bass in the orchestra of the Komische Oper, Berlin, had us make his "dream bow". Function, weight, length, balance, shape and colour were the criteria which were defined together and implemented in the finest detail during the bow's creation.

It was exciting working with the demanding professional and also with a new material: "service tree" wood, which was used for the bow stick. It is a particularly strong, local hardwood from the rose family.

Jesper Ulfenstedt rehearsing with Konrad Junghänel:


Stefan Holmberg, Sweden

I have studied classical guitar and viola da gamba in the 1980s at Kapellsberg Music School in northern part of Sweden. But after the studying  I didn't find the way to be a musician.
For a couples of years now I have found the joy again to practice and to be a musician in my spare time.
The instrument I play is a copy of a French viol from 1684 by the famous builder Colichon, luthier Johan Hedvall in Boras, Sweden's only professional luthier. Because I like film, humor and French baroque music I asked Johan to do a head on the gamba depicting the French filmmaker Jacques Tati. I also have a cute pardessus de viole from Johan, but it is difficult to find a place for 'her' because I usually play ensemble with two violinist. The bows a I use is  built with excellent  craftsmanship  by Hagen Schiffler.
holmberg klI live in Karlskrona and work as a Meteorology assistant in nearby airfield and I have a degree in digital media. Making this videos is a inspiration for me to practice viol and experimenting with the camera and video programs.

Videolink 1    Videolink 2   Videochanal youtube



Matthias Michael Beckmann


Matthias Michael Beckmann ranks as a pioneer of the cello: playing a unique 5-stringed cello with a descant E string and a range of five octaves, he is the first musician to perform the entire cello repertoire from Bach to Gulda on a 5-stringed instrument.


Chun-Shiang Chou

Taiwan Philharmonic Orchestra

Chou kl


Milan Sagat, Bass player

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Einar Schoyen, Oslo

Filharmoniske Orkester, NorwaySchoyen Ensemblekl

Einar Schoyen klThe bow has arrived, and I have it here already... It is incredibly beautiful, and it is extremely good; - I actually can`t stop playing with it! …Thank you for the wonderful work.


dolce risonanza, Vienna

dolce risonanza

Florian Wieninger

Florian Wieninger 
baroque musician

For this latest CD project (2012/13) two early baroque violins after Amati and all bows are from our workshop!


Concerto Melante, Berlin

Concerto Melante

Raimar Orlovsky

Raimar Orlovsky


Hille Perl

Hille Perl


Susanne Scholz

Susanne Scholz


Salzburg Barock

Salzburg Barock

Jochen Grüner

Jochen Grüner
baroque musician


Spirit of Musicke

Spirit of musicke

Gabriele Ruhland

Gabriele Ruhland


Il concerto spirituoso, Biel

Il concerto spirituoso

Andreas Heiniger, Barockgeiger


Esterházy Ensemble

Esterházy Ensemble

Michael Brüssing

Michael Brüssing


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Hagen Schiffler
Violin maker

Landratsstraße 5
83410 Laufen an der Salzach
Phone: +49 8682 955 199
Mobile: +43 699 12 60 55 44
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Publisher and responsible for the content
Hagen Schiffler

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Musikalische Sammlungen

→ Joëlle Morton
At this website you can have a look at old treatises and images, get info about shopping for an instrument or bow, or see what books and articles have been written about large stringed instruments.

Interessante Einrichtungen

Die Grenzregion Rupertigau / Flachgau, also Oberbayern und Österreich, hat vieles zu bieten. Hier ein paar uns freundschaftlich verbundene Menschen und Einrichtungen.

→ Lokwelt
Faszination Bahn auf 17 Gleisen. Genießen Sie den liebevoll restaurierten Rundlokschuppen und lassen Sie sich in andere Zeitepochen versetzen.

→ Kinderkino BGL
Das Kinderkino – ein Projekt des Amtes für Kinder, Jugend und Familien – besteht als lebendiger Filmtreffpunkt für Kinder im Landkreis BGL seit Februar 1995.

From the tree to the instrument

Selected types of wood that are felled and seasoned by skilled specialists find new life in our workshop. Just as centuries ago, each step is performed by hand. The only machines used to help are a band saw and drilling machine.

I procure the spruce wood from traditional lumber regions around Mittenwald, Germany. Bosnian and domestic maple, cherry, yew and pear complete the harmonious whole. I use ebony, boxwood, snakewood and plum for the hand-turned pegs among other things.


Bass bows

The bass bows shown are based on models from different centuries and regions. Their use can vary (different types of grip – German, French, underhand).

Early baroque bass bow

Adaptation in larch wood of an original snakewood model, 17th century, Italy


Frühbarocker Bassbogen

Baroque double-bass bow

This double-bass bow is based on a violin bow exhibited in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. It is made of snakewood like the original. The frog and button of this bow are made of buffalo horn.


Barocker Kontrabassbogen

Baroque double-bass bow

Original model made of plum wood with clip-in frog in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Replica made of sorb tree and ziricote; stick length shortened to 73cm, hair length approx. 56cm


2VK B KHM 19 teaser

Clip-in frog bow made of plum wood

Based on an original model in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.
Weight: approx. 130g; very good playing properties with German grip as well as with viola grip


2VK S STF teaser

Classic double-bass bow

Based on a model in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg. Replica made of snakewood, ebony and mammoth ivory; overhand bowing style (French)


2VK K GNN teaser


Rehairing & repairs

One of our daily tasks is to service bows. Rehairing is of course at the top of the list here, but we also perform less common work like head repairs, screw hole rebushing and major restorations.

Restoration of a classic bow

Behaarung & Reparatur

Here is an example of restoration work we have done on a beautiful English cello bow. Large parts were broken off at the tip and the frog, which we replaced in many hours of painstaking detail work. Finally the bend was corrected and the bow rehaired.

It now once again plays wonderfully and is a joy to its owner.


Cello bows

Baroque cello bow after Carlo Tononi

The original of this bow is in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and has a clip-in frog instead of the integrated screw here. The fluting gives stability and lightness at the same time – giving the bow very good playing properties.


2VC B TON 0719

Late baroque model

stick: snake wood, frog and button: buffalo horn


2VC S 1 0719

Classic bow

Snake wood (original pernambuco wood), frog and button of mammoth ivory.


2VC K EDR 0719

Classic model from the Beethoven era

After original model: stick of ironwood, button and screw of mammoth ivory.
This very exclusive model is a genuine feast for the eyes. The shape of the frog infers an English origin. Unfortunately no brand stamp is to be found on the original.


2VC K BHO 0719


Gut strings



The workshop: a place of creativity and the art of living

Workshop report 2010/11: YouTube


Viol bows

Some of the bows listed here are also to be found under the Violin, Viola and Cello views, because these models have also proven to be well suited for various types of viol.

However, there are specific viol bows whose outstanding playing properties are demonstrated to the full on the “queen of string instruments”.

Marais bow

French bass viol bow as described by Christopher Simpson (1665), screw frog, frog and button of mammoth ivory.
Weight: approx. 80 g, total length incl. button: approx. 80 cm


Marais Bogen

Bass viol bow

Frog and button of buffalo horn.




Instrument appraisal

Die Geige von Großmutters Dachboden …

… das Cello aus Opas Jugendjahren, die Kindergeige der Nachbarn oder die Geige aus dem Internet.

InstrumentenbeurteilungWas fang ich damit an? Was muß ich investieren, um ein spielbares Instrument daraus zu machen. Wieviel ist Opas bestes Stück wohl wert? Wie bewahre ich das Erbstück am besten auf? Wie kann ich versuchen das Instrument zu verkaufen?

Die Liste dieser oft gestellten Fragen lässt sich um einige erweitern. Gerne gebe ich Ihnen im Rahmen meiner Möglichkeiten und meines Wissensstands Anwort auf Ihre Fragen. Nach Absprache sind diese Auskünfte eventuell in geringem Maß kostenpflichtig.

Für Besuche in meiner Werkstatt in Laufen bitte ich um Terminvereinbarung – ich freue mich auf Ihren Besuch!

Instrument rental

Haben Sie Lust „neue Saiten“ an Ihnen zu entdecken?
Wollen Ihre Kinder Ihnen „einen Streich spielen“?

MietinstrumenteVon Kinderinstrumenten zu Erwachseneninstrumenten, von der 1/16-Geige für die „Minis“ zum 4/4-Cello für die Großen als auch im Bereich Viola da Gamba und Kontrabass haben wir viel zu bieten!
Wir haben ein stetig wachsendes Sortiment von Mietinstrumenten, das sich einer hohen Auslastung erfreut. Wichtig für einen guten Start in die Streicherkarriere, ist gutes „Handwerkzeug“ – hergerichtet und spielfertig gemacht vom Fachmann.

Natürlich kann man im Internet vielerorts Instrumente kaufen, die zunächst billig erscheinen. Leider sind die Mehrzahl dieser Angebote von zweifelhafter Qualität und vor allem sind die Instrumente oft nahezu unspielbar eingerichtet.
In den Feinheiten wie Steghöhe und Stegkurve, Saitenwahl, Wirbelanpassung / Feinstimmer, Bogenauswahl und der optimalen Klangeinstellung liegt der Unterschied zu den von uns zur Verfügung gestellten Streichinstrumenten.

Wir stehen Ihnen hilfsbereit vor Ort zur Seite und wünschen Ihnen, dass Sie nicht irgendwem im Netz ins Netz gehen.



  • Kindergeigen   € 14,50 – € 20,00
  • Kindercelli   € 25,00 – € 30,00
  • Kinderbässe   € 25,00 — € 50,00
  • Erwachseneninstrumente   € 30,00 – € 50,00
  • Instrumente der Viola la Gamba-Familie auf Anfrage   € 25,00 – € 50,00

Die Preise verstehen sich pro Monat und Set (Etui/Hülle, Instrument und Bogen). Zu Mietbeginn muss eine Kaution in Höhe von € 50,00 bzw. € 100,00 hinterlegt werden.

Unsere Instrumente sind nicht versichert. Wir empfehlen jedem Kunden eine Instrumentenversicherung.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie gerne in unserer Werkstatt.


Repairs & conversions

Repairs - more than just corrective maintenance

A violin maker is like a good dentist.

A matured relationship grown on mutual trust gives both the customer and the violin maker the potential to bring out the best of the instrument and sustain its value. Continuous care, service and necessary repairs constitute a harmonious whole when the violin maker knows the wishes and needs of the musician and likewise the capabilities of the instrument. Each instrument is different and as such a tiny world unto itself.


For me, to discover the sound worlds of historical performance practice and therefore also the instruments and their specific features means setting out on an enriching and exciting journey.

Many compositions make a lot more sense when played on instruments from the music's original era. The music is easier to play, the tone colours are different and the different neck shape, for example, gives an ergonomic reason for playing without a chin rest.

By using a matching bow as well, we can attempt to approach the “original sound”.


Viola da gamba

I have been interested in building violas da gamba or viols since 1993. With each new order, we build custom instruments that are richly ornamented and have a full, warm sound.

Some examples:

Violin bows

Original models, iconographic pictures and my own experience in bow making and playing the violin are the sources I draw from when making my bows. I usually make bows to order.

Italian sonata bow



2VI B CO3 0719

English bow, late 18th / early 19th century

snakewood, frog and button of mammoth ivory



Early baroque model

after a painting by Pietro Novelli, ca. 1630


2 VI MON 0719

Violin bow by an original English model

Late baroque model


2VI S ENG 0719

Baroque bow

Tononi model



Clip-in frog bow made of larch wood

ca. 1700


2VI B MOZ 0719

Salzburg clip-in frog bow

the “famous” Salzburg Biber model


2VI F SSF 0719

Classic model after William Forster

England ca. 1780


Übergangsmodell aus der Klassik


Bowed instruments

The instruments shown here give an overview of our creativity over the past decade.:

Perfection pegs

PEGHEDS™ – practical and attractive patented pegs

peg varieties img 0146bWe have started to make to order and do conversions and would love to show you a selection of the available peg models and options. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible, because cooperation with the suppliers from the USA is still in its early stages.

We are currently working on instructions for measuring your instruments for precise ordering. The important dimensions are the peg diameter and the peg box width.

Orders can be placed immediately – we look forward to your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Wittner fine tuning pegs or Perfection Pegs.