Bowed instruments

The instruments shown here give an overview of our creativity over the past decade.:


Early baroque violin after Amati

This replica of a violin in early baroque style is based on a violin made by Amati in ca. 1600.
Since the original was converted into a “modern violin”, specific details had to be reconstructed.

Frühbarockvioline nach Amati

Baroque violin after Jakob Stainer

Absam 1680

Probably the most famous Tyrolean violin maker and founder of the “German School”, Jakob Stainer built the original for this baroque violin replica.

Barockgeige nach Jakob Stainer

Modern violin after Guadagnini

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, Turin 177.

Moderne Violine nach Guadagnini

We were permitted take measurements from the original of this instrument in Salzburg and its outstanding sound properties are simply captivating.

Fitted with the new Perfection Pegs, the instrument has a completely new tuning feel. These pegs enable the use of a lighter tailpiece which makes for optimum sound adjustment