Repairs & conversions

Repairs - more than just corrective maintenance

A violin maker is like a good dentist.

A matured relationship grown on mutual trust gives both the customer and the violin maker the potential to bring out the best of the instrument and sustain its value. Continuous care, service and necessary repairs constitute a harmonious whole when the violin maker knows the wishes and needs of the musician and likewise the capabilities of the instrument. Each instrument is different and as such a tiny world unto itself.


For me, to discover the sound worlds of historical performance practice and therefore also the instruments and their specific features means setting out on an enriching and exciting journey.

Many compositions make a lot more sense when played on instruments from the music's original era. The music is easier to play, the tone colours are different and the different neck shape, for example, gives an ergonomic reason for playing without a chin rest.

By using a matching bow as well, we can attempt to approach the “original sound”.