Shipping & information

I will gladly ship bows for a trial period of up to two weeks.

Customer satisfaction is my highest priority when it comes to ordering. A down payment of about 1/3 of the purchase price enables speedy processing of the order. Payment of the balance is due when the customer is satisfied. If the purchased goods should unexpectedly not meet with the customer’s full satisfaction, the down payment can be reimbursed bar a handling fee of € 100. Ordering and payments are subject to personal agreement.

Customer wishes

In the photo gallery you will find selected bows from different epochs. These are models I have made for viewing purposes and which I can make again for you as required. Here, of course, it is possible to modify designs to meet your requirements as well as make replicas of existing bows or other historical models.


We normally send bows by DHL or post in appropriate packaging that protects the contents against damage. However, it might happen that the contents are damaged on delivery. In this case, I would kindly ask to be informed immediately of the damage and for the damage to be reported to the shipper concerned.


The party sending the return shall be responsible for correct packing and insurance and for the state of the goods, i.e. the original packaging or equivalent must be used. The insured value must be at least the same as the purchase price of the goods. Before a return is made, I would kindly request agreement by telephone to avoid any problems in delivery of the package.