Cello bows

Baroque cello bow after Carlo Tononi

The original of this bow is in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and has a clip-in frog instead of the integrated screw here. The fluting gives stability and lightness at the same time – giving the bow very good playing properties.


2VC B TON 0719

Late baroque model

stick: snake wood, frog and button: buffalo horn


2VC S 1 0719

Classic bow

Snake wood (original pernambuco wood), frog and button of mammoth ivory.


2VC K EDR 0719

Classic model from the Beethoven era

After original model: stick of ironwood, button and screw of mammoth ivory.
This very exclusive model is a genuine feast for the eyes. The shape of the frog infers an English origin. Unfortunately no brand stamp is to be found on the original.


2VC K BHO 0719